Private Lessons

Private lessons are catered to your individual needs. Whether it be for social dancing at a club or an upcoming special event such as a party or ball, this is the perfect opportunity to receive one on one guidance.

Private lessons will give you the confidence to dance at your next event and provide all coaching from beginner through to advanced steps.

Private lessons are charged on a per lesson basis. Most lessons will be one to two hours in length. Please contact us to learn more.

Private lessons are best held wherever you’re most comfortable, at your premises or at ours.  The cost for a private lesson is $60/hour.

Wedding Packages

Your wedding is a happy and emotional time, everything needs to be just right!

What better way for a husband to present his new wife, than to Waltz or Rumba on the dance floor with turns and dip to your special wedding music.

Wedding packages typically consists of 6 lessons and includes collaborating on a dance that will be most suited to your special song. The number and length of lessons can be totally customized to suit your needs.

Please contact us for pricing and further information.